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When we advertise homes, the Probate Sales Office brand immediately tells buyers that this is a chain-free sale and the property must be sold. This increases enquiries from serious buyers.

Selling property in different circumstances requires specialist advice and strategies

Probate Sales

If you’re selling your own property or have Power Of Attorney to sell someone else's, you wouldn’t want to use the Probate Sales Office brand when you’re still alive, would you? So we sell property as The Homes Office giving the same level of integrity and still making a donation to charity.

Going into a Care Home?

When a probate sale has potential we enlist the help of our sister company The Land Office, which specialises in maximising the price when selling land to developers. This makes the most of your asset so The Estate gets the best price.

Homes with potential

The Property Valuation

Once instructed we can provide a free probate valuations or will refund the cost of the valuation if we provide one prior to receiving instructions. In some cases we can organise three valuations and advise on the best marketing price and strategy.

We can arrange the probate valuations for you

How can we help you today?

“If you think of a service you need or find something we can do better, please let us know. We are committed to providing the best service available to Executors.”

House Clearance and Valuation of Contents

As Executors are often solicitors who charge an hourly rate, it can be more cost effective to get us to call in valuers for the contents and also to arrange for the house to be cleared and cleaned ready for marketing.

We’ll save you time by arranging other services

Organising repairs, garden tidy or winter drain-down

We’re used to appraising any essential and recommended repairs or improvements prior to marketing. This might be clearing broken glass from a greenhouse for safer viewings, mowing the lawn or getting a stair lift removed. Our experience will save you time.

We’re used to organising work on homes before marketing

Inventory of contents for overseas beneficiaries

When the family is overseas, we can organise a full inventory of contents so a decision can be made about what to ship abroad, sell or dispose of. This premium service uses trusted inventory clerks and saves the executor time and trouble.

When everything needs to be counted, we can help

The property sale

Proven to get a better price than regular estate agents, we also prevent fraud by using a secure ‘best offers’ marketing strategy. Our after sale report supports the Executor by explaining the decisions taken and their results. Very good for preventing family disputes.

Our proven sales strategy gets better results

Call us to discuss your property needs.

We donate 10% of our fees to charity