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Marketing - produces better results

“ Marketing is the second most important skill when selling property, the top priority is being able to listen to your client’s needs.”

We will listen your your needs

Only by understanding your needs can we deliver the service you want. For example, how quickly do you want to sell the property? Do you want to wait an extra six months if there’s a chance of getting an extra five thousand pounds or is a timely conclusion more important?

Once we know what you want to achieve, we’ll develop a marketing strategy to deliver the best outcome.


The owner of Probate Sales Office is qualified in marketing having trained with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has over 35 years experience in property marketing. This means Probate Sales Office is the only place where the marketing strategy for your property sale has such a great blend of professional skill and experience.

Going the extra mile

On a recent high value probate sale, in addition to the usual ‘marketing mix’ Probate Sales Office produced 2,000 high quality full colour flyers and distributed them to homes where prospective buyers might live. This made sure the marketing reached the target market, just in case those buyers were not regularly looking for property in the newspaper or on the Internet. Normally the flyers you get are promoting the estate agent’s service, not selling their client’s property. Just one way we’re different . . .

Professionally Qualified Marketing

Because of the nature of our work, our staff receive training from a bereavement counsellor, so we can respect the impact loss has on our clients.

Bereavement Counselling

Our executor clients can nominate any church, charity or hospice to receive 5% of our fee, while the same amount is given to the nearest hospice.

Charitable Donations

The free report, after contracts are exchanged, summarises events during the sale so it may be passed to beneficiaries to help them understand that the best outcome has been achieved. This can help provide ‘closure’ and prevent family disputes.

Free post-sale report

Professionally Qualified

Executors have a huge responsibility to achieve the best outcome for The Estate

At Probate Sales Office you have the assurance of experience, integrity backed up with qualified marketing skills that are professionally applied to your property sale.

This unparalleled combination makes it easier for you to justify instructing Probate Sales Office than any other property service. Our post-sale report backs up your decisions so not only are

you doing the right thing for The Estate, you are also seen to be doing so.

When acting for Charities who have been given bequests, we have Chartered Surveyors available to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Charities Act.

So call us as soon as you’re instructed so we can start working with you to lighten your load.

Lance Trendall DipM MCIM

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We donate 10% of our fees to charity