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Legal Services

“ We don’t provide legal services so we recommend skilled professionals to help you apply for probate, do your conveyancing or write your will.”

Obtaining Probate

As a result of specialising in probate sales for executors, we meet many professionals who specialise in the legal side of the business. If you need someone to help you apply for probate or advise you on any legal aspect of preparing a property for sale, give us a call and we can recommend a firm that we’d be happy to use ourselves.


We understand the importance of a good conveyancing solicitor when you’re acting as Executor. If you need a recommendation, give us a call, word of mouth is often a lot more reliable that searching through a directory yourself. We don’t receive commission from the solicitors that we recommend, so you can trust us to recommend a good service, not one that will pay commission!

Will writing is a vital service

Everyone should have a will, just in case. Dying without a will makes things much harder to sort out for your family and your personal wishes cannot be respected if nobody knows what they are or can’t provide evidence of them. We can recommend people we trust and respect to help you prepare a will, much better to listen to us than put a pin in your yellow pages or pick one you find on Google. You might want specialist tax planning advice so you need someone able to meet your needs.

Specialist Services

We don’t pretend to understand the advantages of setting up trusts, so we recommend people who do.


We know many specialist lawyers able to advise you on the meaning of covenants and complex matters

Property Law

Should you need detailed planning advice or to have a sketch scheme produced to review the development potential of an Estate in more detail, we can recommend appropriate specialists. We know these people well so we can point you in the right direction

Planning Consultants and Architects


We want to recommend you to our clients and we are not looking for commission

As we develop effective working relationships with more solicitors, accountants, tax advisers, architects and planning consultants we aim to introduce our clients to you should they need the services you offer.

We’re not seeking commission, we just hope that as you get to know us and our integrity, you’ll want to make sure your clients don’t choose an inferior service when they’re selling their home.

After over 37 years selling property, I’ve seen how little respect is shown when property is sold after someone has died. Some estate agents regard it as an opportunity to sell property cheaply to their mates or take a bribe to tell a buyer what the competing bids are.

We stamp out these illegal practises and make sure any sealed bidding process is fraud free.

You can recommend us and feel safe as an executor when you sell through us too.

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