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Property with ‘potential’

When a property has potential for updating or development, we make sure the property isn’t sold cheaply to an estate agent’s best mate!

Many of the homes we sell offer ‘potential’ for updating and this attracts a lot of interest from buyers who hope to save or make money by doing this work themselves.

As we act for the seller, we are obliged to get the best price for the property, so we often sell by inviting best offers for the property. This gives all buyers a fair chance to make an offer and even gives them time to obtain quotes for the required work, so they can bid up to their maximum price to secure the property.

We’ve all heard rumours about estate agents who disclose the details of offers to their preferred bidder, perhaps a friend or a local

builder, who might reward them with a cash payment, This practice is illegal and fraudulent. At Probate Sales Office we make sure fraud is prevented by always opening the sealed bids at our Head Office away from any sales staff. This removes the risk of any unscrupulous buyer tempting an otherwise honest individual.

How can you be sure we will not accept a bribe? The owner of Probate Sales Office opens the bids himself, he once refused an offer of 50,000 euros to disclose the other bids on a land sale so you can be very confident that all bids will be dealt with professionally at Probate Sales Office. This makes sure potential is used to get the best price not feather a developer’s nest.

We sell all kinds of residential property and cover the south of England, with plans to expand to cover all of England and Wales in future years.

Each sale generates a donation of 5% of our fee to the nearest hospice plus an equal donation to the church, charity or hospice chosen by our client.

Recommend us and you can nominate a church, charity or hospice to receive 5% of our fee!

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