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Probate Sales Office

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Better service for executors

We’re committed to giving Executors better service and saving them time and trouble

Probate Sales Office aims to deliver the very best service available for Executors, Court of Protection Deputies, Charities and people with Power of Attorney, to sell property efficiently and at the best price.

The amount of repeat business proves the service is valued and that we’re delivering on our promises. Our professional clients are saving time and trouble; the beneficiaries and clients are finding our post-sale report very useful. We get positive feedback about our helpful attitude, so you can choose this service with peace of mind next time you’re appointed executor.

Probate Sales Office has been finalist for three business awards in the last year and a half.

We donate 10% of our fees to charity


We stop fraud in the sales process

The integrity of each sale is protected so properties are not sold cheaply to the estate agent’s mates

Stopping fraud is one of our promises when we sell homes for executors. For many years people have regarded a probate sale as an opportunity to pick up a cheap property, we’ve heard rumours of agents taking bribes to disclose details of other bids to developers and have even heard of agents trying to conceal bids so they can try to buy properties cheaply themselves!

Probate Sales Office founder, Lance Trendall, opens the bids himself, on the first floor of our offices away from even our own trusted sales staff. This way, no unscrupulous buyer can even try to corrupt our staff so we stamp out fraud through our integrity and by removing temptation. Lance has turned down an offer of 50,000 euros to disclose other bids, so you can be sure of our integrity.

To get the best price, you must make sure all the buyers are competing in a fair process.

We give 10% of our fee to charity

The hospice nearest the property sold gets 5% of our fee - our clients decide who gets the other 5%

Probate Sales Office supports the hospice movement by donating 5% of the fee to the hospice nearest to the property sold. Another 5% is donated to a church, charity or hospice nominated by the client or the person who recommended us.

This gives anyone the chance to earn money for their favourite cause by recommending us to an executor. Not only would you be supporting a cause you believe in but you’d also be making sure that executor found out about an excellent service that will save them time, give greater peace of mind and make sure there are no dodgy deals when a property is being sold.

Our commitment to excellent service includes training from a Bereavement Counsellor for all staff so we can appreciate the difficulty of loss, we provide a free report after each sale to help provide ‘closure’ and give a clear understanding of the sales process to reduce the chance of family disputes. When we think of something else we can do, we add it to our service so we remain the best at what we do.